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Here at Ipswich fine art printing we have been printing for a number of top Photographers and artists for the past 20 years

We use primarily Permajet  and Fotospeed Papers which in our opinion is some of the best papers on the market for the money, but we all so use Canson and Hahnemuhle papers, Please contact us for pricing on these papers

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Here at Ipswich Fine Art Printing offer a service to Profile your monitor, we can also profile your printer to your papers and ink sets if required.


Ipswich Fine Art Printing


Smooth Fine Art Papers

PermaJet’s flagship range of fine art papers with award-winning, smooth surfaces which demonstrate the exceptional qualities of inkjet printing when produced on the very best media.

The image reproduction will surpass your expectations in all areas providing images that meet the highest standards of Museum quality giclee prints.

Photographers and artists will appreciate the natural heavyweight feel and smoothness of the range as well as the subtle, yet varying, base colours which bring your images to life and add a sense of depth and clarity which cannot be reproduced on a normal gloss or satin paper

Long image life is assured with the mixture of cotton rag and alpha cellulose acid-free bases


FB Baryta Papers

Introducing the PermaJet Family of Fibre Based (Baryta) Papers with traditional darkroom qualities making them the perfect digital alternative to the original darkroom materials.

This recently enhanced range of Baryta Inkjet Papers now encompasses all the benefits of the very latest inkjet technology a well as a perfect choice of surface finishes. Being available as Matt, Satin, High White Gloss or Warmtone Silk this range truly reminiscent of the acid-free fibre-based material still used in darkroom printing today.

Utilizing new, multi-layer technology, coating processes and enhanced alpha cellulose base materials, PermaJet have created a range of lay flat Baryta products that feed through your printers with ease. The enhanced coating, combined with modern ink technology ensures you get some of the highest Dmax ratings in the World today. These iconic photographic papers have evolved into a truly show stopping collection which are now available in advanced 15 metre length rolls and all sheet formats. The surfaces are all instant-dry and have scuff-resistant finishes making them ideal for use with dye and pigment based inks.


Digital Photo Papers

For the serious photographer in you…

The PermaJet DigitalPhoto range comprises of all the day-to-day popular papers such as Gloss, Semi-Gloss Oyster & Pearl and Matt that form part of every inkjet printers stock media. All of these papers are created to match true professional photographic paper base weights and are guaranteed to deliver sharp and vibrant images time after time.