Camera Sensor Cleaning

Camera Sensor Cleaning

Are you struggling with dust on your camera sensor, we all know that sensor dust can course hours of work to rectify sometimes so bad that it can ruin a possible master piece.

Mirrorless cameras seem to be a magnet to all those dust particles as they do not have a mirror in front of the sensor, even changing a lens seems to be a problem to some as dust finds its way into anything

We will clean the body and straps then the mirror housing area first before we clean the sensor, then check carefully using a powerful scope to see every part of the sensor is clean, we then take some test shots to make sure that all dust is gone.

sensor cleaning prices

cropped sensor cameras £20

Full frame cameras £30

Please make sure that your batteries are fully charged before coming to us

camera sensor cleaning

From only £20 per sensor


We do not clean Lenses , compact cameras, camcorders or large format cameras

Quite often your viewfinder can have dust trapped inside but this should not effect the quality of the images, we are not able to clean the inside of the viewfinder

Not only do we do Fine art printing, but we also do Camera Sensor cleaning for your Digital cameras

We have been cleaning sensors for the past 15 years and have vast experience and knowledge on DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

Are you fed up with those dirty spots on your photographs straight out of the camera, here at Ipswich Fine Art Printing we can rectify that for you, camera sensor cleaning while you wait if you have made an appointment.

We cannot give any warranty on any sensor cleaning service as it can happen at anytime with a dslr or mirrorless camera

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